SEO.AI App: SEO AI Writer (Features & Pricing)


Generate and enhance content using an AI optimized for SEO – Introducing the AI-powered Content Editor for SEO, designed to streamline your workflow with all the essential tools and insights seamlessly integrated into one platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between multiple tools and applications. Now, you can access everything you need right … Read more

Youper AI App: Mental Health Care

Youper AI App

Youper uses AI to create effective tools for mental health. It provides mental health support anytime, anywhere. Their technology includes a friendly chatbot and proven therapy methods to help users with depression and anxiety. Over 3,000,000 people have used Youper, and a study by Stanford University showed it works well for improving mental health. Youper … Read more

PaperRater AI App: (Online Proofreader with Grammar Check)

PaperRater AI App

PaperRater proofreads and rates your essays & papers. It solves grammar and spelling mistakes, checks for plagiarism, and gives your writing a grade. An AI-powered tool checks your essays and papers for errors without required downloads. It helps for grammar and spelling mistakes, detects unintentional plagiarism, and gives an automated score. Also helps you to … Read more

Leonardo AI: Image Generator App

Leonardo AI App

Leonardo AI – Enhance your projects with our AI image generator. Generate high-quality, AI-generated images quickly and stylishly to boost your creativity. Welcome to Leonardo.Ai, the top AI art generator, now on iOS! Use Leonardo.Ai on your iPhone or iPad. Leonardo AI App You can download Leonardo AI app on iOS and android devices easily.

Fotor AI: Free AI Image Generator App

Fotor AI App Download

Fotor AI: Create Text to Image from Fotor free AI image generator. See your ideas turn into amazing AI artwork easily. Generate stunning photos or Outstanding visuals is effortless with our AI image generator. Just describe your idea in text, and see as our online tool transforms it into reality. Whether it’s for products, characters, … Read more



Cody AI is a smart AI assistant similar to ChatGPT, but with the unique ability to learn about your business, team, processes, and clients. You can use Cody to support your team by answering questions, assisting with creative tasks, solving problems, and generating new ideas. What can Cody do? CODY AI Pricing Basic $29/mo Premium … Read more

Bluewillow AI – Free AI Artwork Generator

Bluewillow AI

Bluewillow AI is a Free text to Image Generator application, creating beautiful arts fast. This strong tool uses artificial intelligence to make cool +graphics for your project, and it’s completely free. Whether you need logos, scenery, characters, or digital art, this tool can help you in making the best image with just a few clicks. … Read more

Homeworkify AI Tool: Features, Price and Details

Homeworkify AI

What is Homeworkify? Homeworkify is an AI-based platform designed to help with homework by providing answers to your questions. Using Homeworkify, just put your question link into the search bar, and you’ll instantly get the answers and solutions. It’s as easy as that. Homeworkify makes learning easier by providing step-by-step solutions and simple explanations. This … Read more

Backgroundlol AI: Create Stunning wallpapers is a AI-generated wallpapers tool, creating beautiful wallpapers really fast. It has lots of different themes like cats, anime, sunsets, and space, so you can customize your device just the way you want. Whether you’re a designer, a regular user, or someone who wants to creates content, you’ll find it easy, fast, and safe … Read more

Dezgo AI: Dezgo Text to image generator

dezgo AI

Dezgo AI is an image generator app powered by Stable Diffusion. You can generate high-quality images from text. This tool helps you make AI pictures for lots of things like social media, websites, books, and other platform. You can use it for free, but there are some limits like how many pictures you can make … Read more