Bluewillow AI – Free AI Artwork Generator

Bluewillow AI is a Free text to Image Generator application, creating beautiful arts fast. This strong tool uses artificial intelligence to make cool +graphics for your project, and it’s completely free. Whether you need logos, scenery, characters, or digital art, this tool can help you in making the best image with just a few clicks.

How to Join Bluewillow Ai?

Bluewillow Discord

Go to and click the button. Everything you need happens within Discord. Test your prompts, create your images and enjoy!


Within any of the newbie channels use the /imagine command and type your prompt afterwards. The more accurate the prompt the better the result.


Within a minute you’ll get four images to download and use however you want.

With Bluewillow AI, You can make stunning pictures that fit exactly what you want. You pick the style, theme, and colors to match your project perfectly. Whether you need something basic or detailed, this tool can make the right image for your project.

Bluewillow AI Free?

Bluewillow AI is completely free to use.